Buteyko Breathing Method

What is Breathing Re-Education?

Breathing Re-education serves to identify and correct dysfunctional breathing. The goal of breathing training is to restore normal, functional breathing by addressing these key elements:

  • Re-establish nasal breathing during awake and asleep hours
  • Switch to using the correct muscles meant for breathing
  • Correct the habits of breathing too much air in and out, and breathing too fast

How can breathing re-education help?

✓ Increased oxygen delivery to every cell in the body

✓ Easier breathing

✓ Calmer state of mind

✓ Deeper, more restful sleep

✓ Reduction of Sleep Disordered Breathing Issues (snoring, apnea, insomnia)

✓ Better focus and concentration

✓ Decrease in airway-related symptoms

✓ Improved dental health / risk of cavities

✓ Improved physical conditioning / better sports performance

✓ Frequent yawning, breathlessness or shortness of breath

Can just breathing through your nose fix the problem?

The simple answer is no. Correcting dysfunctional breathing patterns requires more than simply closing the mouth during breathing. When mouth breathing has been occurring for years, adaptions and chemical changes take place in the body. It takes approximately 60-70 days for the brain and nervous system to truly “learn” new habits.

All three of our physicians are certified Buteyko instructors trained through the Buteyko Clinic in Ireland to identify the subtle changes that result from dysfunctional breathing. Many of these changes go unnoticed, even by physicians at times. Patients at our practice are taught specific exercises based on their individual needs, while being supported by our experienced staff as they learn these new habits.

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